Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury August 2022

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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury
August 2024

Opens: 26th Aug 2024, 9:00am (AEST)
Enrolments close: 24th Sep 2024, 5:00pm (AEST)
Effort: Self-paced
Location: Online Course
Cost: FREE

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Understanding Dementia
July 2024

Opens: 8th Jul 2024, 9:00am (AEST)
Enrolments close: 19th Aug 2024, 5:00pm (AEST)
Effort: Self-paced
Location: Online Course
Cost: FREE

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The Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) was developed by the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre based in the College of Health and Medicine at the University of Tasmania, with support from Connectivity. This online course is free, easily accessible and available to everyone with an interest in TBI, neuroscience or brain health.

Once the course commences, you will be able to log in to engage with the course content and activities, and meet other participants.

To get the most out of this experience, you should expect to spend approximately 2 hours per week completing the course activities for the 5 weeks of scheduled content. 

Please note: If you are enrolling after 9th September, the time until the scheduled course close will be less than 5 weeks.

 The release of course content will occur at 9:00am AEST on the following dates - 

  • Introduction - 22nd August, 2022
  • Module 1: Brain science and TBI pathology - 24th August, 2022
  • Module 2: TBI from mild to severe - 31st August, 2022
  • Module 3: TBI across the lifespan - 14th September, 2022
  • Module 4: Life after TBI - 21st September, 2022
  • Completion - 28th September, 2022

You can work through the content at any time of day and at your own pace. This includes revisiting earlier released content as needed up until the course close, now extended until 17th October, 2022 at 5:00pm AEDT.

Once you have completed the course, you will be eligible to download a free, personalised certificate of completion. We will also offer paid enhanced certificates options in addition to the free certificate. There will be more information about this in the Completion module.

We look forward to your contribution, as an important member of the Understanding TBI community.

Module 1 – Brain Science and TBI Pathology 

2 hours recommended 

  • What is a brain injury?
  • Introduction to the brain and brain anatomy and brain function
  • Biomechanics of TBI
  • Primary vs Secondary Injury

Module 2 – TBI from Mild to Severe

4 hours recommended

  • Mild TBI/concussion and symptoms and modes of concussion
  • Moderate to Severe TBI
  • Primary Damage in Focal TBI
  • Secondary Injury Cascades
  • Diffuse Brain Injury
  • Oedema
  • Imaging for diagnosis/prognosis
  • Link between brain injury, cognition and behaviour

Module 3 – TBI across the Lifespan

2 hours recommended

  • Paediatric TBI
  • TBI across age groups
  • TBI in older adults
  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)
  • Consequences outside the brain

Module 4 – Life after TBI

2 hours recommended

  • Impairments and Outcomes
  • Rehabilitation
  • Life for family members after TBI
  • Support after TBI
  • Personal traits: coping style
  • Personal traits: resilience
  • Sourcing reliable information

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